Ambiguous Loss Counsellor (ALC)

The primary goal of the Ambiguous Loss Certification Training is that students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a more wholistic way with individuals, families and communities who are traumatized and grieving because one or more of their women or girls are missing or has been murdered. During the 40 hours of Ambiguous Loss training students gain advanced knowledge of posttraumatic stress and complicated grief and acquire skills to support, counsel and help the bereaved family and friends heal their grief and bring closure to their losses. During the Ambiguous Loss Certification training, students learn to recognize the signs of intense parental grief and acquire skills in the application of an empowering model of counseling to assist bereaved parents in their healing process.Students gain knowledge of childhood trauma and bereavement and acquire the skills to support and counsel the children of the “lost” mothers. Based upon the belief that effective helpers must themselves be on a healing journey, a second goal of this training is the opportunity for personal growth and healing for each student.

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