About Certification

About Certification

What is certification?

Certification is granted to professionals working in their specific disciplines who have met the standards of CCPC Global.

Certification provides recognition of the accomplishments of professionals who have reached a high level of expertise. The professional designation received from CCPC Global highlights their skills, proving them both effective and efficient in their specialized roles.

Why should I become certified?

There is increased confidence on the part of the people being served that they will be provided with service that is nationally recognized for its professionalism. With appropriate credentials, you are better positioned to improve career potential, giving you recognition and increased opportunity for advancement and higher pay scales.
Individual who is looking for Certification

Who may be certified?

Anyone who is currently working in one of our certification disciplines and meets the established standards as outlined in the appropriate manual may apply. To view the list of certifications, click here!

How can a person apply for certification?

If you are interested in applying for any of our certifications, simply CLICK HERE and follow the steps. If you need more help or direction, contact us.

Keeping Your Certification in Good Standing

To keep your certification in good standing you must renew annually at your anniversary date. Certificate holders will receive notification 30 days prior to this date from CCPC Global.