Solution-Focused Coach (CFSC)


A need has been expressed for excellence, competency, integrity and established professional qualifications in almost every field and discipline. Professionals, paraprofessionals, and technicians have each taken up this challenge and responsibility.

CCPC Global is responding to both social expectation and professional need. The CCPC has taken upon itself, as a recognized certifying body, to certify those qualified individuals who have completed advanced specialist training in one of the Solution Focused disciplines.

Those wishing to be certified, and requesting the designation of Certified Solution Focused Coach (CSFC), will provide information to the CCPC indicating their education, supervised experience, and dedicated training in the field of Solution Focused practice and brief coaching. Copies of documentation of the above are required and will be kept on file at the CCPC office. They will not be returned.

The application and documentation will first be screened for eligibility for certification by an Evaluator and then scrutinized by the Board of Examiners of the CCPC.

The Certified Solution-Focused Coach (CSFC) is a professional designation entitling the owner to affix the letters after his/her name.

Purpose of Certification

The purpose of Certification as a Solution-Focused Coach is to recognize, by way of the certification process, those who have acquired an acceptable standard of training, skills, and effectiveness as a Coach.

Our focus is:

  1. To provide the avenue for qualified persons who have studied, worked and developed skills in the solution-focused practice and coaching to receive professional recognition.
  2. To provide the public with the confidence that Solution-Focused Coach has attained an acceptable level of competency.
  3. To provide Certified Solution-Focused Coach with encouragement for continual awareness, education, and professional development.

Who May Be Certified?

Any person may apply for credentials as a Certified Solution-Focused Coach as long as s/he meets the “Standards Criteria” set by the CCPC Examining Board.

The application process provides the opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate adequate skill, knowledge, and competence.

Each applicant must fulfill the following requirements with a proof of written documentation for the following: (for more detailed information, please see the section Criteria for Eligibility)

  • Education/Training Requirement:
    Completion of Solution Focused Coaching Specific Training1 from the accredited programs that include:

    • minimum 60 hours of coach specific training, and
    • completion of Coaching Masterclass/Clinical Case Presentation (12 hours) including a 2 Performance Evaluation
  • Practice Requirements:
    • minimum 125 hours of solution-focused specific coaching practice
  • Supervision/Mentorship Requirements:
    • minimum of ten (10) hour supervision sessions with approved CCPC Supervisors/Consultants or Mentors
    • at least 4 hours of the 10 hours must be an one-on-one supervision
  • Personal Background/Information:
    • Current C.V.
    • Personal Philosophy of Coaching Practice(500-750 words)–For Canadian Applicants Only

We highly support membership, in good standing, in a recognized professional association, college or coaching organization.

See Section: Application Process for more detailed information about applying for the CSFC designation.


2. Criteria for Eligibility

The basic requirements for the CSFC consist of a relevant basic/undergraduate degree, coaching training specific to solution focused coaching, practice hours, supervision and full membership in a coaching professional organization (where applicable) that has a code of ethics and standards of professional practice.

Coach Specific Training Requirements (72 hours)

The basic requirements for the CSFC consist of a relevant basic/undergraduate degree, coaching training specific to solution focused coaching, practice hours, supervision and full membership in a coaching professional organization (where applicable) that has a code of

Ethics and standards of professional practice.

Each applicant must provide a proof of training in solution-focused coaching offered by one or more of our accredited training programs. See Appendix 5 for list of approved programs. Minimum requirement for training includes 60 hours of solution focused coach training and a satisfactory completion of masterclass/clinical case presentation (12 hours) for the total of 72 hours of training. Example of Proof: A Certificate from the Coaching School

Solution Focused Coaching Practice Requirements (125 hours)

Each applicant must complete minimum 125 hours of coaching practice. The practice requirements can include supervised experience, reflective practice, clients or peer coaching, case conference or observational learning. At least 75 hours must be paid coaching hours where the candidate works face-to-face with clients (individual or group) and minimum of 8 different clients3. Please complete the relevant section on the application form to show how you completed this requirement. Example of Proof: Coaching Log, Reflective Journal

Supervision/Mentorship Requirements (10 hours)

The purpose of this Supervision/Mentor Requirement is for the candidate to further develop and refine their coaching dexterity necessary to be more responsive and client-centred in various coaching situations. Ten (10) one-hour supervised sessions are required at minimum, and at least 4 hours must be one-on-one supervision/mentorship sessions.
For a list of supervisors, click here and go to the tab titled Solution-Focused Examiners and Supervisors.

Example of Proof: Supervision Session Record Form (Appendix 3), Supervision Learning Journal, Supervisor Endorsement Form (Appendix 4)

Recommended Format

Video or tape-recorded client sessions or live-coaching sessions are recommended to be part of the supervision/mentorship process. Candidates should review their tapes prior to the session with their supervisor/mentor, and prepare a self-reflection to share. The intention is that candidates will be spending approximately 10 hours time before each supervision session on conducting interviews, assessing their interventions, and related study. A 2 to 4 weeks interval is suggested between supervision sessions. The CCPC reserves the right to request an example of the candidate’s solution-building skills before granting the CSFC credentials.

3. CCPC Code of Ethics

CCPC expects a high standard of practice from their Certified Solution Focused Coaches. This Code of Ethics sets out the essential elements of sound professional practice. Certified Solution Focused Coaches must commit to the following:

  1. Uphold the standards of ethical conduct that reflect well on themselves as well as the profession at large.
  2. Represent themselves professionally and be aware of their own competencies, experience, belief systems, values, and needs and the effect these have on their work and the impact these might have on their clients.
  3. Required to be sensitive to the possibility that some clients will require other forms of support (e.g. counselling, therapy, etc.) and therefore be prepared to refer clients to other appropriate services.
  4. Responsible for creating clear agreements and contracts with clients in respect of terms and conditions, confidentiality, costs, frequency of Solution Focused sessions, etc. and will honour all agreements made in the context of professional coaching relationships.
  5. Be sensitive to issues of culture, religion, age, gender, and race and treat clients with dignity and respect.
  6. Respect the client’s right to terminate the session at any point during the process.
  7. Required to monitor their quality of work and maintain accurate records of their work with clients.
  8. Required to undertake a minimum of 10 hours of continuing professional development, including supervision or mentoring in Solution Focused practice on an annual basis.
  9. Required to have professional liability insurance where it’s appropriate in their country of work.
  10. Required to keep themselves informed of any statutory or legal requirements that may affect their work.

4. Certification Agreement

Professional References

All applications must be accompanied by name/contact of two professional references. All references are for the purpose of assisting the Examining Board of CCPC Global to make a fair and complete evaluation of the competency of the applicant, and CCPC may contact the references as necessary. All references are treated with strict professional confidentiality.

Annual Renewal Requirements

To keep your certification in good standing, we recommend you complete a minimum of 10 hours of Continuing Education Unit related to the practice of solution-focused coaching every year. Credit hours may consist of workshops, professional development courses, contributing to community of practice through publishing, hosting SF learning event etc. The CCPC recommends that each candidate keep the portfolio of such activities.

Record Keeping

It is recommended that all applicants maintain a personal file for their records. This file should contain copies of all of the following documents: the completed application; all past and current training-related transcripts, diplomas, and certificates, annual CSF education etc. The CCPC performs periodic checks of those certifications which require continual training or minimum hours worked.

Use of the CCPC Certified Stamp

Certification for CSF is authorized by CCPC Global. Following approval, the professional designation CSFC can be affixed after your name and you may use the professional “CCPC Certified” stamp on your personal media pieces i.e. resume or business cards. After being certified, you may request this stamp by sending an email to us.

By submitting your application, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and agreed upon the terms listed above.

5. Application Process

It is important that you follow the instructions carefully and read the complete manual and application form first.

Application Checklist

  • CSFC Application Form (completed and signed)Consent to Release Information (signed)
  • Personal Background: a current C.V.
  • Copy of certificate or transcripts indicating completion of training requirements
  • Appendix 1: Personal Coaching Philosophy (if applicable)
  • Appendix 2: Proof of minimum 125 hours of coaching practice
  • Appendix 3: Proof of Supervision/Mentorship Hours
  • Appendix 4: Supervisor Endorsement or Letter of Endorsement on their official letterhead
  • Copy of current membership in a professional association/college or liability insurance coverage (if applicable)


How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this certifications, please go to the manuals tab and download a copy of the CSFC Manual or simply CLICK HERE and follow the steps. If you need more help or direction, contact us.

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