Certified Suicide Intervention Counsellor (CSIC)

An accumulation of long-term and immediate risk factors and feelings, including feelings of inner emptiness and powerlessness, can make life seem unbearable and not worth living. Many turn to alcohol and other drugs as a way to numb their intense feelings. When these attempts no longer work, suicide can seem like the only way out of the constant misery.

The primary goal of the Suicide Intervention Certification Training is for participants to advance their knowledge and skills to assess and offer appropriate interventions to individuals at risk for suicide. Secondary goals of this training include strengthening abilities to offer education, support and skills to families and friends during a suicide crisis; to offer community awareness education; and to provide effective counseling and support to grieving families and friends when a death by suicide results.

During the 40 hours of Suicide Intervention training participants advance abilities to:

  • Assess long-term and immediate risk factors, including assessment of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and addictions.
  • Use suicide prevention strategies, including the application of emotional first-aid, and changing the impact of traumatic responses.
  • Help strengthen a Broken Spirit by preventing dissociation, spiritual shielding, and enhancing hope.
  • Offer crisis intervention, and apply therapeutically effective advanced counseling.
  • Offer grief counseling and support to friends and families after a death by suicide.
  • Offer education on suicide prevention and intervention.

Prerequisite: Trauma Recovery Certification

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