Certified Nutrition Manager CNM

CCPC Global provides the opportunity for all active Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) members in the field of nutrition management and related fields, to be certified and recognized as a Certified Nutrition Manager.

About CSNM

Web: www.csnm.ca
Te: 1-866-355-2766
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CSNM Mission Statement:

Empowering members. Creating leaders. Building professional excellence.

CSNM Value Proposition:

Accreditation – oversee the accreditation programs in nutrition management in Canada — Certification – a national standard of competence in nutrition management

Education – lifelong learning, conferences, magazine, webinars, website, forum, e-news

Networking – sharing of best practices, recruitment, career development, mentorship, social networking, affiliation with industry partners

Professional designation – active members may use NM (Nutrition Manager) designation

Professional recognition – honours, awards, student bursaries

Volunteer opportunities – leadership development, committees, governance A

Active membership in CSNM is required for the CNM designation. For more information on membership, please visit CSNM Membership Info

General Requirements

The applicant for certification must be a member in good standing with the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management. The CSNM will follow its internal process and criteria toward issuing membership to the applicant if they are not already a member. Holding a membership in CSNM signifies a CNM applicant meets the education requirement for certification, defined as:

  1. Having graduated from a CSNM Accredited College Program in Food Service and Nutrition Management as listed on the CSNM website.
  2. Or having graduated from another post secondary program which has been demonstrated to contain essential elements of Food Service and Nutrition Management.

For full information, please visit www.CSNM.ca

Purpose of Certification

The purpose of certification for the Nutrition Manager is to recognize those who have acquired an advanced level of training, skills, work experience, and effectiveness as a Nutrition Manager.

CCPC Global issues professional credentials to those who qualify in their respective field. The CCPC has entered into an agreement with the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management to be the third party examiner for the certification of their membership.

The Certified Nutrition Manager (CNM) certificate will be issued to those who apply and are approved by the CCPC examining Board.

The focus is:

  1. To provide an avenue for CSNM members who have studied, worked, and developed skills in the nutrition management field to receive professional recognition.
  2. To provide the public and their employers with confidence that professional managers have attained an advanced level of competency.
  3. To provide Certified Managers with encouragement and opportunity for continual
  4. education and professional development.

Who may be certified?

CSNM members may apply for credentials as a Certified Nutrition Manager (CNM). However, he or she must be able to meet the Standard Criteria for education and experience set by the Examining Board of the Canadian Council of Professional Certification.

Experience Required

CCPC Global and CSNM have set the following standards for the experience portion of the certification process:
The CNM applicant must have the equivalent of 4000 hours full time paid work experience. All experience must be documented.
Experience is described as work done at a professional level in the field of nutrition management, or in a related field, as defined by the CSNM:
A Nutrition Manager is a multi-skilled technically competent practitioner and may use several titles. Other job or position titles may include but are not limited to a combination of the following terms: nutrition manager / food service manager / dietary / dietetic and supervisor / technologist / technician, hospitality food services manager.
For these standards, the term Nutrition Manager applies to any of these titles, assuming that the individual being described meets the admission criteria for The Canadian Society of Nutrition Management.
The role of the Nutrition Manager is to incorporate knowledge and skills in coordinating and managing operations of the Food/Nutrition Services Department, enabling management to meet and maintain the prime goal of quality, cost effective nutrition services. This person may have direct responsibility for the total or partial food service operation, responsible to the Department Head or Administrator.
This definition indicates that the scope of the nutrition manager’s responsibilities may vary with the size and type of facility involved. The management role includes not only food service systems but also the nutritional care of clients. Responsibilities may include various degrees of participation in assessing, implementing, and evaluating nutritional care plans, depending on the facility policies and procedures. The areas of practice for a Nutrition Manager include but are not limited to: health care facilities – acute, chronic, rehabilitation, and long term care.

  • commercial catering services
  • government agencies
  • colleges, schools, and universities
  • hospitality industry
  • consulting services
  • private practice

Core Competencies

  • Professionalism
  • Quality Management
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Food Services Systems Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial/Business Management
  • Marketing and Promotion

A printout from your CSNM web account, listing CE points earned in the past year, is sufficient for renewal purposes and must accompany your renewal notice. Emailed PDFs are also acceptable.

Professional Responsibilities

The applicant pledges to:

  1. Adhere to the established CSNM code of ethics and professionalism which holds them accountable for ethical behaviour and professionalism in their relationships with clients, colleagues and external partners;
  2. Maintain federal, provincial, and agency regulations concerning nutritional management by following proper procedures to preserve the client’s rights;
  3. Continue the process of professional growth and development by assessing their training needs and obtaining the necessary education.

Professional References

All applications must be accompanied by two professional references, excluding their direct supervisor. All references are for the purpose of assisting the Examining Board of the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC) to make a fair and complete evaluation of the competency of the applicant.
All references are treated with strict professional confidentiality.
They should be addressed to the CCPC Global and included with the application under confidential cover.
These two current written references should include the following information concerning the applicant:

  1. How has the applicant demonstrated reliability?
  2. Give examples of the applicant’s ability to work with others.
  3. How informed is the applicant about the Nutrition Management field?
  4. Comment on the communication skills of the applicant.
  5. Comment on the applicant’s ethical (professional) conduct.

The CCPC reserves the right to request additional information if required.

Supervisor Letter and Evaluation

All applications must be accompanied by a letter from your current supervisor on employer letterhead. The letter should confirm your position title, qualifications, length of time in position, and a confirmation of the number of hours of work experience as outlined in the Experience section of the Manual. A completed Supervisor Evaluation and a copy of the applicant’s job description should be submitted in a separate envelope.

Keep a Record of your Application

It is recommended that all applicants maintain a personal file for their records. This file should contain copies of all of the following documents: the completed application; all past and current training-related transcripts, diplomas, and certificates; and a record of hours worked both in education and training and in work experience. The CCPC performs periodic checks of those certifications which require continual training or minimum hours worked.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this certification please visit the manuals page and download a copy of the CNM manual which outlines the requirements or CLICK HERE and follow the steps. If you need more help or direction, contact us.

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