Certified Grief Support Counsellor (CGSC)

Grief Support Certification Training Program

The primary goal of the Grief Support Certification training is that students gain the knowledge and skills to provide effective grief counselling and support to individuals of all ages, to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of grief. Students also learn to provide effective grief support to families, and in group settings. During these 40 hours of grief support training, students advance their counselling skills, learn to use therapeutic art, energy work and nature work, and learn to successfully guide clients to healing the inner-most scars of their grief. Students learn to support a dying person and assist that person’s family through the process. Based upon the belief that effective helpers must themselves be on a healing journey, a second goal of this training is the facilitation of personal healing for each participant. Certification following this training is equivalent to one elective course toward a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy. Upon certification students also receive 40 Continuing Education Units toward certification or recertification as a drug and alcohol counsellor with CCPC Global.
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For application information, please contact the training program manager at 780 473 6732 or toll free at 1866 473 6732.

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